Stay Safe on Winter Ice

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Stay Safe on Winter Ice

As we spend more time outside this winter, it's important to be aware of things we can do to keep our children safe. Along with wearing proper winter clothing and limiting time outside when it is very cold, the City of Calgary is reminding families to avoid all recreational activities on the Glenmore Reservoir and city storm ponds. 

The Glenmore Reservoir is closed to all recreational activities until May 1, 2021. The ice on the reservoir is unpredictable and dangerous because water flowing into the reservoir constantly moves and water levels change as it is withdrawn for treatment. 

Storm ponds, which collect storm water and help return cleaner water to our rivers and streams, must never be used for recreation. The ice on storm ponds may not freeze thoroughly because it can contain runoff such as oil, salt or other chemicals from our streets. Even in winter, water levels and flows into storm ponds can change rapidly and make skating and other activities extremely dangerous.   

The City of Calgary posts signs at these bodies of water to warn people to stay off the ice and follow city bylaws. If you and your family want a safe place to skate this winter, the City of Calgary provides more than 100 outdoor skating rinks