Black History Month

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Black History Month

Love, peace and happiness grows where there is understanding and respect.

Throughout February, our students and staff will proudly recognize and celebrate Black History Month. This celebration provides the chance for us to learn about past and present Black individuals who have contributed to our history and culture and continue to shape our future.

Supported by our Racial Justice Committee, our teachers will have access to tools and resources to guide learning and encourage students to deepen their understanding of Black perspectives and experiences. One of our awareness approaches is sharing a set of Black history posters with all our schools. The posters, created by Father Lacombe High School, showcase notable Black people and their many achievements, including Ezzrett "Sugarfoot" Anderson, the Honourable Jean Augustine, Cheryl Foggo, Martin Luther King, Jr. (photo credit: AFP/Getty Images, Travel Channel) and John Ware.

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