About us

St. Margaret School is a Catholic Community of Caring school, which supports and promotes the values of respect, trust, family, responsibility, caring and faith. We actively promote these values through our numerous CCC initiatives and programs


St. Margaret has made several major investments in technology over the last few years. Walking around the school you will notice smartboards and interactive screens in every classroom, with pods of iPads in the lower grades to help the students work on reading and basic math skills. 

In the older grade, our flexible personally owned devices policy and extensive chromebook collection means you might also encounter students spread out at work in their classrooms, hallway workplaces, or the learning commons. 

We are big believers in students being engaged in projects and learning that interest them and want to give them to tools they need to be successful, global-minded citizens.

Our learning commons is also home to our green screen and digital cameras, where we are encouraging students to explore digital filmmaking in preparation for the Spanish Film Studies classes they will take in high school.